Since September 2018, the musicians of Erwyn are hosting a bluegrass session in Vienna. The variety and diversity of musicians, instruments and nationalities make each evening unique.

Who can play?

Everybody is welcome! All instruments and vocalists are welcome. But beware: Bluegrass is fast music (!). For all those who are not grandmasters in sight-reading, we send out three tunes before each session. These tunes will be played during the next session and you can learn them at home.

How do I get these tunes?

You can sign up for the Session-Newsletter (Mail to or visit our Facebook-Site.

When and where is the Session?

The Session always takes place at Avalon Kultur (Pfeilgasse 27 / at the corner Albertgasse, 1080 Vienna). We play from 19:00 to 22:00, Pitch 440 Hz. The dates you can find here:


Friday 13. September 2019 – hosted by Reinhold Kogler (AT), 5-string Banjo

Thursday 24. October 2019 – hosted by Peter, Paul and Barry (AT/UK), Fiddle + Guitar

Thursday 07. November 2019 – hosted by Erwyn (AT)

Thursday 23. Januar 2020 – hosted by Billy and Johnny (AT)

Thursday 13. February 2020 – hosted by Erwyn (AT)

Thursday 30. July 2020 – hosted by Erwyn (AT)
Avalon Kultur, Pfeilgasse 27, 1080 Vienna

Thursday 10. September 2020 – hosted by Adam McOwen (USA), Fiddle

Thursday 01. October 2020 – hosted by Erwyn (AT)

Thursday 12. November – hosted by Erwyn (AT)

Thursday 17. December – hosted by Michale Leitner and Reinhold Kogler (AT), Fiddle / Mandolin and Banjo

Thursday 22. July 2021 – hosted by Erwyn (AT)

Thursday 26. August 2021 – hosted by Heartbeats (SVK)

NEXT SESSION: Thursday 30. September 2021 – hosted by Erwyn (AT)

Thursday 21. October 2021 – hosted by Kogler / Leitner / Simon (AT)

Thursday 11. November 2021 – hosted by Adam McOwen (USA), Fiddle

Thursday 16. December 2021 – hosted by Billy&Johnny (AT)

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Funded by Stadt Wien Kultur and the 3rd & 8th district of Vienna.